Oil Purifiers

An Oil Purifier uses the same principle for separating dirt or water from oil. Instead of using gravity, it uses centrifugal force. Through a system of gears, a centrifuge bowl is rotated at high speeds. Oil to be purified is allowed to enter the bowl while it is rotating. The heavier components in the oil are thus forced outwards. The solid particles that are too fine to be removed by filtration are forced towards the circumference of the bowl. The oil is also heated so as to reduce the SG of the oil. The difference in SG's between the oil and the water will thus be widening. This will enable a better separation between the oil and the water. Some purifiers are designed for auto bowl cleaning operation which is used in Oil Purifiers Supplier in Alang. Some components in the bowl assembly are able to be open by water pressure coming from a separate control system. The bowl cleaning operation is operated at timed intervals. This reduces the need for frequent manual bowl cleaning.

Oil purifiers are used on board ship to condition fuel oil and lubricating oil. The fuel oil used on ships is normally very thick and viscous at normal temperatures. It is called Class C Marine Bunker oil. It contains a lot of impurities too. Lubricating oil for diesel engines do get contaminated with carbon deposits, byproducts of oxidation, sludge and metal particles. The oil to be purified is first allowed to settle in a settling tank. Any large particles will settle out and can be drained every watch. After the oil has time to settle, it is passed through fine meshed wire filters to remove any coarse particles. The oil is then sent to the oil purifier. AKG Marine recognized as the leading company for Used Oil Purifier Exporter which engages with plenty of customers.

ALFA LAVAL Marine Oil Purifiers


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MFPX 307 MSPX 303 - 304


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SSB 206 VLG 206 - 409
SRG 509 BRPX 207 - 213
FUVPX 207 LAPX 202
UVPX 207  

MITSHUBISHI Marine Oil Purifiers


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WESTFALIA Marine Oil Purifiers

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