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AKG Marine is best in class Oil Purifiers Supplier in Alang. The Oil Purifier separates the dirt, water and unauthorized particles from oil by employing the centrifugal force. With a mechanism of gears, a centrifuge bowl is rotated at high speed and the impure Oil is allowed to enter while it is rotating. The impurities and other undesired components in the oil are forced outwards with the repeated and speedy rotation. Other solid particles and impurities that are too fine gathers over the circumference edge of the bowl and thus separated by filtration. To separate the oil from water, the oil temperature is increased that reduces the SG of the oil. The difference created between the SG’s of oil and the water gets widens with the process enabling the smooth separation of the oil and the water.

AKG Marine is well known used Oil Purifier Exporter supplying purifiers that are designed for auto bowl cleaning operation which is used in Oil Purifiers. This is done through applying water pressure from a separate control system to open the bowl assembly. This auto bowl cleaning operation has to be performed at different intervals in order to reduce the need for frequent manual bowl cleaning.

AKG marines supply Marine Oil purifiers for ships and leader in the category amongst Oil Purifiers Supplier in Alang. are used on board ship to condition fuel and lubricating oil. The fuel oil used on ships has a thick composition and gets a bit sticky at environmental temperature. The oil is known as Class C Marine Bunker oil. It is contaminated with a lot of impurities. On the other hand, lubricating oil for diesel engines on the ship does get polluted with impurities like byproducts of oxidation, carbon deposits, sludge, and metal particles. The process of purification starts with the insertion of the oil to be purified and allow it to settle in a tank. The large particles will settle at the bottom of the tank and can be drained out from it. After the oil gets settled, it is then channelized through fine meshed wire filters to remove any coarse and bristly particles. The oil is then transferred to the oil purifier.

AKG Marine recognized as the responsible used Oil Purifier Exporter. We are known for the quality of our supplies, fair prices and after sale support to our customers.

ALFA LAVAL Marine Oil Purifiers


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203 303 304


204 205 207 209 210
309 313      


205 207 209 210 213
309 310      


605 607 609 610 613


407 409 410 413 505
507 508 510 513  


705 707 709 710 713

MFPX 307 MSPX 303 - 304


303 304 403 404
SSB 206 VLG 206 - 409
SRG 509 BRPX 207 - 213
FUVPX 207 LAPX 202
UVPX 207  

MITSHUBISHI Marine Oil Purifiers


700 2000 3000 4000


10T 15T 16T 20T
25T 30T 40T 60T

25EH, 60EH

WESTFALIA Marine Oil Purifiers

OSA 7 OSA 20 OSA 35


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