Fresh Water Generator And Heat Exchangers

Fresh Water Generator is used to desalinate sea water for the ships. There are two types of fresh water generator, R/O type and Low - Pressure Vapor type. Low - pressure vapor type is most widely used in commercial ships because it utilizes wasted engine jacket water or steam while sailing. The engine jacket water and steam can be utilized as a heat-source, and Shell & Tube type and Plate type are available. The sea water is heated by various heat-sources under the vacuum state, and then vaporized accordingly. The vaporized sea water is desalinated in separate filtering unit before condensed, and then fresh water is produced.

Fresh Water Generator is comprised of vaporizer, condenser, demister, salinometer, distillate pump, ejector and steam injector. Multi-stage Fresh Water Generator can achieve high efficiency when large amount of fresh water is required with small amount of calories due to lack of heat-source.AKG Marine have extensive quantity of stock for Fresh Water Generator and Heat Exchangers. Fresh Water Generator are important machinery on board a ship, is something that cannot be done without. Marine Heat Exchanger are specifically developed to work in air conditioning, refrigeration, chillers and heat pump applications.

ALFALAVAL Marine Heat Exchanger

A 10 A15 B A 20   A 20 HBM
A 30 A 45 BFM AK 20 AM 10 AM 20B
AX 30 M 10B M 10M M 15M  M 30
P 22 P25 P 252  P26 P 31 HX
P 32 P 36 P0 1 PO 2  

GEA Marine Heat Exchanger

VT 40 CDM-10 VT40 CDS-10 VT 405 CDS-6  
M92 M107 K55 K44
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