Marine Auxiliary Engine

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Marine Auxiliary Engine

23 Jun, 2023   AKG Marine


AKG Marine is a leading supplier of ship spare parts in India. The company has a wide range of used marine equipment like Marine Main Engines, Marine Auxiliary Engine, Turbochargers, Governor, Hydraulic Motor and Pump, Fresh Water Generator and Heat Exchangers. These spare parts are procured from manufacturers in the country and provided to our clients in different parts of the world. The high-quality, durable, and corrosion resistance spare parts are available at affordable prices.

Marine Auxiliary Engine is a 4-stroke engine with medium speed and size. It is highly efficient but slightly less powerful with its high rotational speed. It is used for electricity generation purposes; however, the power of the auxiliary engine is lesser. It has a heavy flywheel installed, but other parts are cheaper and require more maintenance. The air intake is done through valves attached to the engine and tends to create a lot of noise. The ship engineer must be familiarized with basic knowledge of how the engine works and the correct way of operating it.

Here are a few ways to increase the lifespan of your machine's auxiliary engine:

1.    A regular check of oils

To function optimally, keep an eye on the oil levels of the engine. Insert a dipstick and take it out, if you notice that the oil is dirty, change the oil to avoid any damage. 

2.    Using high-quality fluids

To increase the lifespan, use high-quality fluids to prevent any clogging or build-up in the carburetor. 

3.    Avoid wet stacking

A situation when unburned oil starts to leak in the exhaust pipes leaving behind a dark and thick substance occurs when the machine is operating under 60% of its rate power load or at the wrong temperature. 

4.    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions 
The manufacturer would explain the installation practices to be followed, the type of fuel to be used, and its load size as well. 

5.    Keep the system in the right location

Protection of your auxiliary engine is necessary for better functioning at all times. Make sure to keep your machinery away from doors, windows, air vents, high-traffic areas, and anything flammable.

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I.    What is a Machine Auxiliary Engine?

It is a medium-sized, 4-stroke auxiliary engine with high rotational speed and power used for operational purposes on ships.

II.    How to increase the lifespan of an Auxiliary Engine?

You should regularly check the oils, prevent any dust and maintain the use of high-quality products only. 

III.    What marine equipment is available at AKG Marine?

All spare ship parts like turbochargers, hydraulic motors and pumps, auxiliary engines, and marine main engines are available at AKG Marine