Turbo Charger


Marine Turbochargers Supplier in Philippines/Singapore/Dubai

If you are searching for Unused or Used Marine Turbochargers in Philippines of good condition then AKG Marine can provide the best second hand Turbochargers for ships. We also export used ship spare parts in Singapore, Dubai, UK and many courtiers.


MAN Marine Turbo Chargers


NA40 NA48 NA57 NA70


NR20 NR24 NR26 NR34
TV48 TV57 ZA7 ZA70  

VTR Marine Turbo Chargers


200 250 320 400
500 630 161 201 251
321 401 501 631 214
304 354 454 564 714

MITSUBISHI Marine Turbo Chargers


MET-45 MET-350 MET-450 MET-560
MET-56 MET-70 TV-57H    

NAPIER Marine Turbo Chargers

C45 C80 H200 H100 H-400
H-300  S-610-A S-610-B R-510 R-410
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